hadis kashi

Idea projektu

Each huge architectural Project which does as urban scale need to answer to city and people’s needful and solve all related to them.
Urban space of architecture project means certain spatial organization. .prepares some facilities to the project that a citizen enjoys from all spaces of it without need to use of its functions.
Mediatheque is abbreviation of (Centre Conservant des documents se rapportant a la cammunieation) in French Language.

The job description of these buildings offered for first time in French when Mitral was President.
Mediatheque is functions are mixing of different cultural functions and make gather of different level society people.

Popis projektu

Architectural Concept, urban data centre, (Mediatheque) is an open urban space plan beside of constructional plan for cultural space for leisure time.
In this project citizens can contact with each other freely and have good view from North landscape (Alborz Mountains) & West & East around gardens.

Technické informace

The project plan includes variety set of Movie, Recreative & Cultural functions in the area of mm2 which are set main four volumes in East North, West North, and East South & West South.
It includes library, Gallery Saloon, Two Movie Saloon with different capacity one for 240 persons & the other for 200, one Conference Room with 250 seats, Fashion Saloon & alive music, Exhibition space, Education Workshop, Conversation Room, Intelligent Café Book & Intelligent Music, Cultural Media Shop & Administration & Service Space.
Space organization of the project in four volumes at buildings with 34m length from ground and two floors in storage, in different parts of volume make open an area for Green Space that people can use it with view of North, East & West landscape.

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