Muhammed Kasif Hasnaen
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Dhaka

Idea projektu

The project ACI AQUA: Lab & Solutions primarily aims to spread information about shrimp culture as well as to test larva for healthy shrimp, among the local shrimp culture business. Due to a close proximity to the sea & the nature of the facility, the project takes the phenomena of reflecting upon the wide sea along with a sandy beach as core idea and creates an abstract setting for it.

Popis projektu

On approach, the visitors will receive a gentle sandy plaza with a garden & seating at outdoor. Large openings connect the visitors both from indoor and outdoor so that they can get an idea of the shop before they enter the premise. On the inside, a white wavy patterned feature wall has been incorporated directly opposite to the plaza with a contrast of deep brown glossy floor to resemble the wide sea. Immediately upon entering the facility one gets reminded of standing facing the sea. Artificial light creates a play to animate the patterned surface. The wall has been generated in rhinoceros combined with the grasshopper plugin. Triangular wooden blocks with a mathematical proportion has been placed with equal spacing to achieve four different wave patterns. White color for wall and ceiling with warm white spot lights both from ceiling and floor has been used to create a neutral setup. Black metal screen at the outdoor has been used to mitigate the inadequacy of the existing building roof.

Technické informace

Program of the project required two major portion: firstly, an open flexible space, accommodating reception, waiting lounge, display area and can be used as a training or seminar room from time to time. And secondly, as back office, administration area, a small sample test laboratory, washroom and a store for miscellaneous products.
In order to achieve a lofty feeling, use of false ceiling has been discarded. Three black metal frames running along the longer direction has replaced the orthodox false ceiling concept. Cool white down lights have been placed over these frames in a staggered formation to illuminate the area.

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