Diploma Thesis - Fire Station in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic

Tomáš Dantlinger
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

The object of my diploma thesis is a project of a fire station in Mladá Boleslav. The station is being a part of a new planning vision of the city centre - the vision of the third millennium. This urban vision of a whole area was created in a winter term in 2016/17. The thesis contains the proposal of a new modern building that meets all requirements for a specific operation of the fire station. I want to create the building which can offers everything what firemen need to have and need to do without the leaving the station during their free time. The building is architectonically valuable and atractive. It is also energetically effective thanks to using of alternative fuel such as thermal pumps and photovoltaic cells. High-quality heat-technological attributes are secured by a light curtain wall with facade lamellas and also by the systemic solution of a structural composition. A training tower and a servise building are part of the compound. The tower is vertically contrasting to culminating mass of the fire station. The mass react on the sight axis of the urban area. The axis is a visual connector of the important landmarsks in this part of the new city centre. It visually connects the church tower with the mass of the fire station.

Popis projektu

The diploma thesis is made as an architectural study. The fire station consist of rooms for firemen (workshops, garages, sports facilities, polygon, cloakrooms, dining room, relaxation room, rooftop track, gym etc.), rooms for professional public and the cafe for everyone. A modern public space is also part of the design of the station. The study consist of a author's report, urbanism, architectural situations, floor plans, slides, views, visualizations, interior design of the meditatiton room and the relaxation room, selected design details, details of the facade, an energy assessment.

Technické informace

Technical floor plans and slides, static calculations, water and sewerage balancing calculations, energy assessment, technical reports



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