Renewing definition of urbanization in Tehran

Parsa Abedin

Idea projektu

In several decades ago, living commonly, analyzed in two major criterions. First one is "private zone" which defines as an impact that someone makes on his own life. The second criterion is "collective life" which is related to the effect residents have on each other.
But nowadays, this two scale do not answer to all the relationships in the social life wholly, anymore. Humans were looking into a new kind of relationships so that, they innovate another criterion, "Impacts which are made by the cities on us".
This third measurement in the analysis is a key for designing a new community center. For approaching to a sufficient response to the problem which introduces in description part, we attempt to design a complex which is related fully to the citizens. For those who do not have the chance to experience a lifestyle with another view.
So there were some challenges we faced them to reach the answer:
- Located in a residential area ( High concentration of residents )
- Easy accessibility
- Have formal attractiveness to invite people
- Make a new experience of living in a city
- Define a new process for maintenance and prosperity of complex
- Observance the slope of the site
- Preventing of intersection with area's skyline
- and much more delicate tips

Popis projektu

When we observe in Teheran's citizen's lifestyle, we face with lack of an important feature of urbanization, which I named as, living inside boxes. Usually, our life, in Teheran, shortened in many boxes such as a box for home, school, university, office and too many other boxes.

The main problem of this kind of lifestyle is receding citizens from their habitat. As far as we consider this issue does not only have resulted from methods of living, also is related to the historical background of the country. Furthermore, we observe as like this situation less likely in European societies.

Consequently, I and my participant design a cultural complex throw a new definition of such complexes,
which is consists of 5 main phases:
- Ateliers (Architecture, painting, photo shooting )
- Amphitheatre and Concert hall
- Workshops ( Gardening, poetry, sculpture )
- Resturant and Cafe
- Sports complex ( Basketball and squash court )

Technické informace

- Cascading Architecture
- Cubic, and modular systematic forms
- Buried Architecture
- Hidden Architecture


In association with Niyayesh Shokoohi Niaki, Senior student in Architecture

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