Alphonse Mucha Gallery - Prague

Josef Hoffmann
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

I am entering this historically rich area with moderate and sharp design, which reacts to existing boundary conditions of the area. These conditions are represented on one side by strong historical-axis-urbanistic composition, which is set by sharp lines in superb synergy with the Industrial Palace, undeniable dominant of the area that entire urbanistic conception bows to. We can find default composition axis in different intensity both from south to north direction and east to west direction leading to different concentrations of visitors' interests. Second element of the area is strong connection to natural park Stromovka composition. Intersection of clear lines of the Palace, though art-nouveau in detail, and curves of the park is center of the designed object. Based on mentioned compositions, conjunction of graceful curves with burning strain of sharp details kneeling before foot of the palace is created.

Humble dominant of the object, ushering in the Industrial Palace, is the only elevadted accent of the building. It symbolizes building entrance from the Industrial Palace level at the same time. Graceful bounding curves of the ground plan are interrupted by accents of entrances, by main entrance with two bearing walls and by side entrance with only one wall. Other accents are on the ground plan of the building that brings the park to the doorstep of the Palace. Unique connection of moderate architecture makes it possible for this distinct piece of work, crowned by The Slav Epic, to excel. Concentrating whole work of Alfons Mucha into the one object points out the exceptionality of the solution and allows visitors to gain unique insight not only on the era, but author himself. Complementary elements are public areas designed for cultural, non-profit and congressional purposes.

Popis projektu

Object is build into new urbanistic area conception, which brings revitalization of fulfilment and use into the area. New urbanisus is strongly axial in the north – south direction. Axes of lesser importance are connected on this axis in both perpendicular and parallel direction. A lot of continuums blend together, Stromovka, exhibition ground, sports facility with its users. This creats unique synergetic composition and in this composition is set the building presented in this thesis. It humble puts itself in the place of Industrial Palace crown. It does not surpasse it with its nivelity and gives it a space to excel with its minimalistic solution, which is supported by clearing the line of sight from the north. We can observe new gradational process towards the palace in the vertical profile. Entrances are located on several height levels. Main entrance is in full contact with the Industrial Palace, on its north side is located entrance set into the „crystal“, that emphasises ascending area. Second entrance can be found on the „crystal“ – palace axis, but on reduced nivelity on adjacent park level. This entrance is emphasised with facade and area bridging water element. Two other entrances are located on the same level, however in the perpendicular axis and lesser accent. Building has two more service entrances and one staff entrance. Building has two floors, without exceeding total height nine meters above lower terrain. This level is contravened only by „crystal“.

Building reacts with its ground plan to contemporary projection of organic lines in artistic direction Art nouveau, whose representative is Alfons Mucha. Graceful lines create three pre-spaces, when everyone has different feeling. Main axial pre-space underlines accent of main entrance. Remaining two are minor and used to complete ascending areas of side entrances. Height difference is nine meters. Harmony of shapes is disrupted by „crystal“, which oppose the palace as the only part of the building and brings into the composition palpable targeted tension. Grass areas composed in curves slighly bring subtilization.
Material solution is abrupt, but not surpassing quality of the palace. Main material is armoured concrete. It manifests in both interior and exterior with color tiniting to white. Facade was chosen for thermal and stractural technique as contact with concrete imitation on visual layer. Facade is filled in with bright areas of glazing in synergy with contour lines. Roof level composes green intensive roof with walking areas.

Layout of the object is devided into seven zones – food court , Alfons Mucha Gallery, gift shop, administration, miltipurpose hall, supporting facilities and gallery for temporary exhibitions.

Food court is spread over first floor and is accessible from central hall. Layout of the food court is devided between background and sales area. Food supplies are store in the background. Food is processed on the island in the centre of the area. We are talking about gastronomy in coffee houses. Quieter area for informal meetings is in separate part with unique view. Entire zone is independent unit susceptible to individual founder.

Gift shop is located in the western part and is again accessible from central hall, to which it expands in detail. Souveniers are in relation to Alfons Mucha and his work.

Gallery for temporary exhibitions creates area for accompanying exhibitions. In concept it is an independent unit with its own background with curtain storage, acclimatization room, register and gift shop. Almost free disposition and north light create very good exhibition conditions.

Supporting facilities are ticket sale and restrooms, together with security room and resting corner for weary visitors.

Miltipurpose hall can be used for lectures, conferences, multimedia instructions for schools or various evening parties. The hall has its own background.

Administration manages entire building and Mucha foundation, which will be moved here after complition. Two floor disposition offers both offices and meeting room with manager office and storage. Both floors are wheelchair accessible.

Alfons Mucha Gallery takes up majority of the building and it is devided in two floors and several sections. Individual sections concure chronologically. It begins with young Mucha, before his beginings in art, his magnum opus – The Slav Epic and exposition ends with epilog of his life balancing his significance and legacy. Restrooms are available in the exposition given the vast space. First and second floor are connected with glass staircase and withdrawable platform for wheelchair transportation. This area also enables shortening the exposition. The Epic itself is situated in the grand hall, where can be exhibit with dignity. Accomodation routes provide comfortable manipulation with Epic’s canvas during transportation. Supplementary services are storage facilities, acclimatization room and restoration workshop.

Technické informace

It is wall system of two floors, walls are layed on continuous footing. The wall system is represented by steel columned system in the temporary exhibiotions area. Ceiling construtions are mostly two-way monolitical or one-way stressed. Ceiling constuctions with bunton greater than 10m, constructed of prestressed armoured concrete panels, are the only exception.

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