Idea projektu

Despite fully attention of most current architectures to the sense of vision, “Five Senses Museum” attempts to consider all senses in frame of architecture. As all of the senses affect perception of space consciously or spontaneous.
The Form of the Museum shows four swirling waves that each wave represents one of the five senses and a gallery belong to it (in order from the main access: Smell, Tactile, Taste and Audition) and in fact shows the complex relations between them which join together at the vision gallery that has common feature with all of the senses.
This Form swirls around the center like a waterspout and at the end of the circulation that the waves color become more pure, releases!
Visitors test the consciousness of their senses, turn and finally reach to the first point but with more experience. As in a waterspout that the drops don`t represent the waterspout lonely, but the kind of "move" shows it, also in this form each of these waves can`t show the "reality" but to contact with each other they can represent the reality. The reality is more than you experience!

Popis projektu

This museum contains five main galleries; these five galleries containing permanent or temporary conceptual expositions, in order to deal with five senses, note the correct behavior to the senses and attempt to guide human to recognition itself with practicing domination to senses and recognize them and learn to be in the moment concentrated. So a beyond perception among the traditional museums is possible.
Existence of some pause spaces among the galleries to debate over the reality, interactive learning spaces and attempt to find the right way, cause mental association among users and also existence of semi-independent places such as a coffee shop over the lake, a restaurant, sciences learning center for children- using five senses- and amphitheater cause association between users and architecture.

Technické informace

Total Area: 20038 m2 in 2 stories


Supervisor: Behzad Atabaki