Šimon Štrba
FA VUT - Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture

Idea projektu

The main idea of this project was to create a modular kindergarten that would be wildly applicable almost anywhere and would also fulfill requirements of an active house.

Popis projektu

The concept of this modular system consists of blocks with different functions that can be combined together in many ways to create kindergarten based on your request. Every kindergarten is composed of general elements like playrooms, bedrooms, dining room etc. However, in this system you can also choose additional functions like a pool, gym or theatre and create interesting and practical space for children. The basic unit is a classroom that fulfills 3 functions - playroom, bedroom and toilets. Playrooms are design as the most illuminated space in kindergarten to create comfortable place for children. Joining blocks together creates a space in the middle of the building used not only as a hallway, but also cloakroom, so that children enter classrooms ready to play.

Technické informace

The shape of the building is evoking family houses and the combination of gable and flat roof is not only visual element, but also has functional reason. Rooms with need for more light and space are located under gable roof. Facade of kindergarten was designed to underline this contrast using white walls and wooden facing that also work as a thermal insulant.

This kindergarten is designed to deliver optimal daylight throughout the year. Multiple windows, roof windows and skylights with different orientations provide not only light source all day but also offer views to the outside environment, which can have positive influence on children’s health, mood and wellbeing.

This design is trying to minimize overheating in the summer and optimize indoor temperatures during winter, which is achieved by the orientation of rooms based on their function, external shadings against overheating, well-insulated constructions, ventilation demand control and sufficient amount of the sunlight.

Kindergarten is designed to use the mechanical ventilation with demand control. Air is drawn inside through the windows in the playrooms, and extracted from bathrooms. Demand control ensures that ventilation airflow is continuously matched with the actual demand. The indoor sensors measure and monitor conditions such as temperature, CO2 levels, humidity and provide feedback to the zone controller which regulates the window opening or ventilation rate.

One of the main objectives of this project was to create an appropriate indoor climate that requires small amount of energy. This is achieved by using solar gains to reduce heating needs, insulated building envelope without thermal bridges, mechanical ventilation with demand control. The need for the artificial lighting was reduced thanks to the multiple windows.

Energy supply to kindergarten is using renewable energy sources. Main heating demand is supplied by the heat pump using geothermal energy from the ground. The underfloor heating operates with the low temperatures, which reduces costs and energy demand. In summer it can be used for cooling.

This building is designed to minimize the water consumption. This is managed by reducing the water waste using rainwater and grey water. The rainwater from roofs and ground is carried to the water storage tanks and after filtration is led back to the building where is re-used for toilet flushing, laundry and cleaning.

Construction of kindergarten is designed out of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. These blocks are made of 100% natural materials, their production is CO2 neutral and are fully recyclable. Aerated concrete is lighter and easier to transport. Advantage is also lower energy demand in the production. The building is also thermally insulated, using mineral wool, made partially of recycled material. Mineral wool is fire-resistant, soundproof and fully recyclable.

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