The view restaurant on the Štvanice island, Prague

Michaela Rosiarová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

The goal of the project "The view restaurant on the Štvanice island, Prague" based in Czechia, is to bring life back to the island and complement the "revitalisation" process of the key city areas. It promises unique panoramic views and makes a great atmosphere. Furthermore, Štvanice island is right in the centre of town and is open to Praguers and all visitors. With this project I am targeting those who enjoy beautifulls scenes as well as eating at the restaurant that offers an exclusive fine-dining experience.

Popis projektu

The restaurant is located on the north bank of the eastern part of the island. The guests can enjoy breathtaking views of Hradčany and Negrelli's viaduct. Two-storey restaurant provides a total 120 indoor seating and 44 outdoor seating (terrace space).

Technické informace

Štvanice is an island on the Vltava River between Prague districts of Holešovice, the New Town and Karlín, and is 1,250 m long and 190 m wide.
Because the area lies in the centre of a potential flood zone on the Vltava, the constructions of buildings are required to take flooding into account, so as not to dangerously block flood waters.

Therefore all the buildings are required to be built on pillars or need to be removable not to reduce the flow of water in the case of a flood. My main goal was to make the pillars part of the design, not only a technical requirement. This is where the idea of steel frames comes from.

There is removable stainless steel cladding used on the frames. The restaurant is in a form of a simple glass block carried by the frames.


School project in collaboration with project leaders:
1) Ing. arch. V. Gleich
2) Ing. arch. M. Němeček

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