Space for Architects - Neue Architekturfakultät Dresden

Jan Jarkovský
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

Project for the Campus of the Technical University Dresden. The main objective was to design new Faculty of Architecture for the architecture students in Dresden as at that time they were spread in three different places not even in the main campus of the university.
The main idea was to design a pleasant space for the students, the biggest space is in the middle of the building and reaches from the ground to the roof, the classrooms are situated around this central place.
The whole building goes up with the terrain and the ground floor also.

Popis projektu

The building consists of three volumes of different heights as an answer to the surrounding.
The groundfloor respects the terrain and in this way, it is divided into four different levels and connected with stairs and ramps. The students are able to enter from the street or from campus and go through the ground floor.
The main space of the building creates generous spacy room for the students to meet and as the place to preview the projects.
The classrooms are situated on three floors around this place in the central volume of the building.
The institutes and smaller classrooms are situated in the highest volume of the building.
The facade reflects the face of the campus, which is to see in most of the buildings. Bricks are filled in the light frame of the facade, which differs up with the floors.

Technické informace

The building was placed on the site between the old Beyerbau and the new Lecture hall. It has thin and long rectangular shape. The building has from 3 to 6 floors. The structure is made of concrete frame and walls.


Martyna Skowron

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