memBrain Study Complex

Filip Gottschalk
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

The memBRAIN complex is a collection of six study cells, a connection bridge and a resting net designed for an unused small area of a technical university campus. The form of the cells derives from the shape of the brain, a symbol of thinking and knowledge. There is every kind of the membrane constructions used somewhere in the project – hence the name memBRAIN.

Popis projektu

The cells offer a place for private studying, consultations or discussions and are designed to simply and quickly change their disposition to suit best the working or the discussing mode. Together with the connecting footbridge and the net for resting, they create a multifunctional place ready to be used by the students and university employees for working or relaxation.

Technické informace

The cells are made of reinforced concrete slab and walls. The slab is laid on a composite steel and concrete column around which a steel mesh is twined making the whole construction more stable. The roof is made of steel structure and ETFE cushions. The cells are connected to the main footbridge by a steel mesh making each entrance a bit more interesting.

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