Zaluzi House

Barbora Červeňová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Architecture

Idea projektu

Offering a modern, cosy and above-standard living on a unique site with a view over the countryside. Design is a linear single-storey house, reacting on the steepness of the site using a strong composition element - vista.

Popis projektu

Entrance to the house through one single opening representing the view over the whole length of the house. Passing through a long corridor along the northern part of the house, gallery with paintings on the left, gallery of the country through glass wall on the right, culminating with an infinity pool. The main living space offers generous dimensions with higher headroom, using the principle of Raumplan. Interior gradually transforms into exterior.

Technické informace

Project is intended for a private investor seeking an investment near the city of Pilsen.


collaboration with Václav Ulč

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