CAMPUS, Detsky Ostrov, Prague

Zuzana Jurova
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Architecture
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

Campus, as a small town, offers space and opportunities to meet different interests. This is one of our goals - to create a space for collaboration of students from different faculties. We support the diversity and the idea of ​​general learning. All this is possible on Campus.

Popis projektu

An island is a specific element in a city urbanism. It is autonomous and the classic urbanistic rules does not apply to it. Our proposal is identical with the this definition of an island and we propose CAMPUS at the Detsky ostrov.

Campus is an urban functional unit that does not depend on the surrounding area because it creates the city within itself. This is the concept of “city in the city”. Campus is a set of classes which we complement with other features such as lecture halls, cafeterias, dormitories that creates the atmospehere of a campus. As this is a more extensive set of buildings, we try to determine a few principles and rules that we apply to campus mass to make it easy for orientation, but still interesting. We try to express a clear idea in the cluster of different objects.

Our first principle is to connect all the functions with passage that leads you across the island and joins buildings at different levels. This is an urban concept - the grid offers the creation of a network of classes which we connect with one main road at each level. While the road seems to be direct, its diversity occurs in the moment when one object disconnects from the next, and you find yourself in an unexpected square or in a space that is composed of differently shaped objects.

Another principle is the placement of organic “holes” in the center of objects to bring the light to the first floor. It is an inevitable element that provides not only light but also the mass originality in the square structure of classes.

The last of our three principles is the circular plan of cylindrical shape which represents hostel, skylight or spiral stairs. This principle supports the idea of ​​distinguishing different function of a building with shape, but at the same time making them a regular element that serves for better orientation in space we create.

Technické informace

The project is presented in visualizations, axonometry, plans and sections.


Dmytro Novikov

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