Multifunctional sports and shopping center in the exhibition area Holešovice

Kristina Fadejeva
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

The Gallery is designed as a new icon and the connecting point of the whole conception of the exhibition centre at two levels. The Ground plan closely follows the urban axes. Matter is composed of impressive arcs that refer to history and urbanism, creating a gate between old historical space and new public square . Building create connection between old and new with contrast of shape and facade.

Popis projektu

The subject of the diploma thesis is the design of information and shopping centre at Výstaviště in Holešovice - Prague. This work follows the project of the pre-diploma of the new conceptual solution of the territory. The location of the object was determined on the premises of the existing Hockey Hall Tip sport. The building is located on a new major axis, which connects the route with access to the area through the new public space- the square of the historic building of the Industrial Palace. The mass of the object is created with respect to the mentioned urban connections and the mass of the existing hockey hall. The object is divided into two multi-storey sections connected by passing through the atrium. The patio terrace of these buildings is used to run beach volleyball playgrounds. The vaulted area of arches refers to the urban-mass solution of the existing sport hall. The constructure is covered with a membrane cloth, which shield has two functions, shading or covering against weathering. Tilted arches at both ends highlight the passage between old and new public spaces. The facade contrasts with the size of the gallery with lightness and asymmetry .

Technické informace

Conceptual study of new multifunctional centre focusing on sport, commercial areas with sports facilities, a recreation area of the gallery, and an information center for the new area. the sports section offers a fitness center, bowling, squash, dance halls and, as a new feature, the use of the roof of the gallery to beach volleyball playgrounds. Visualizations, architectural sections, part of floor plans.

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