Diploma project - Hockey hall transformation to Wellness hotel

Marek Novák
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

Transformation of a hockey hall at the Prague Exhibition Center in to the Wellness hotel. Project based on new urban plan maded in previous semester. Main idea of passage throught the building with some commerce arround in first floor. Next floors used for recreation and fitness. Hotel wings located on sides of the building separated from main centre by atriums.

Popis projektu

The main target of converting a sports hall at the exhibition grounds, sometimes called the TipSport arena or T-Mobile arena, is to preserve the extraordinary value of the building. These include, in particular, the construction of the main roof with a unique shell structure with interior cassette. Next, a reinforcing x-shaped bridge and entrance foyers. This design preserves most of these valuable elements and adds additional functions with new zones or build objects that are designed to save the structure and its qualities. The hotel, wellness, fitness, commerce, social sports, swimming pool and the sea world will surely fulfill this task. Because the design is designed to excel in the quality of the existing unique designs, the completion was designed very sophisticated and complete. The building is divided into 2 hotel wings with commerce on the ground floor and surrounds the center through of the object.

Technické informace

Conceptual study of transformation from current hockey hall to the wellness hotel with public stores and fitness/recreation activities, like gym, bowling of swimming pool. Part of floor plan and section drawed in construction detail. Some construction details of new facade drawed in 1:10 measure.

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