Firefighters simulation school

Modhi Esmael

Idea projektu

Employing the architecture to create a progressive simulation environment for firefighters within the urban fabric by creating eco-friendly architectural elements.
- Prove that architecture can create any environment to be perfect fit the surrounding.
- to achieve the first hypothesis, we must take into account that :
1- construction costs are high, but in the long run the project will reduce operating and maintenance cost as sustainability organizations
- prove that the cost of the project is :
1- 20% of the project construction cost.
2- 80% of operating and maintenance cost.

Popis projektu

Creating a school for firefighters near to the city and prove that the smoke of fire that using in the trainings will not affect the surrounding and reduce pollution by using eco-friendly systems and using semi realistic fire and smoke in a new way of training as a real simulation

Technické informace

Master plan / site plan / plans for all floors / 4 elevations / 2 sections / 3D shots

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