Research and design of experimental architecture | The design of the Lijiang Yuhu homestay

Foshan Institute of Science and Technology

Idea projektu

Since ancient times, when people travel far away, they will find places to lodge. In modern times, the inn is different from the standard hotel, and it has become a cultural phenomenon. Many travellers and writers and artists will gather in various "inn" to exchange all kinds of feelings and increase their knowledge.
This inn is a slow pace of life, to improve the free space for artistic communication, not to get together in the field of art workers together, produce heterogeneous communication, to create greater possibilities for creation. This design is formed by the production of microfilm, connecting with buildings in time, scene, behavior and mood, thus reflecting the atmosphere of space.
Starting from the film (experimental building), a space created according to the content of the film. Make the architectural works have objectivity, richness, and story.

Popis projektu

This design is a homestay building for people from all walks of life, but it is not open to everyone. People with certain artistic qualities can only move in after they have submitted their works and accommodation expectations. This design not only provides accommodation rooms, but also provides studios, public lounges, public tea rooms, exhibitions, meditation and other spaces, so that visitors can cultivate themselves, engage in cultural and artistic exchanges, and bring more space for creation.

Therefore, people who come to stay at this inn intend to "practice", practice a slow life through a self-service lifestyle, experience every detail of life, and reach an individual with a higher realm, a wider mind, and a wider perspective than the current stage. Cultivation level. The "self-service" self-service inn mode obliterates the "service" consciousness, there is no class relationship between people, and emphasizes that people are an equal basic unit, thereby producing more diverse behaviors and heterogeneity.

Inn positioning
Practice: It is a long-lasting activity, including: thinking activities, psychological activities, behavioral activities, and social activities. It aims to achieve a higher level of self-cultivation than the current stage, a broader mind, and a broader perspective.
Self-help: Non-manual service, self-serving.

Operating characteristics
a. An inn that co-exists with residence, rest, meditation, study, office, and leisure;
b. Not open to everyone, choose through personal information and works, choose a good literacy group to stay;
c. Sitting on the floor without furniture, sleeping on the futon floor, not restricting people's activities, and providing freedom for creation;
d. Without service personnel, reduce the awareness of "service", reduce contradictions, increase the breath of life, and realize "cultivation";
e. Continuous exhibition spaces and public areas provide residents with more artistic exchange atmosphere and achieve "cultivation";
f. Emphasize low-carbon travel and provide bicycle travel.

Technické informace

The site is located at the entrance of Yuhu Village, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, China. The land area is 31968 square meters, the construction area is 997 square meters, the green area rate is 92.8%, and the plot ratio is 0.094.

There is only one "Yuhu Section" road to enter Yuhu Village. The site is 100°12'35" east longitude and 27°0'43" north latitude. Enter the site from the west side of the Yuhu section at the entrance of Yuhu Village. Every day, there are buses to and from Yuhu Village and Lijiang City. The land is flat with slight height difference. The west is high and the east is low, the slope is 16°, the north is high and the south is low, and the slope is 30°. On the east side of the site there is a falling water formed from the melting snow of Yulong Snow Mountain.

The land has a wide field of vision, seeing the source of falling water in the northwest and the direction of falling water in the southeast. From the northwest side, you can see the peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the water landscape on the east side. On the west side is an open gentle slope, surrounded by mountains in the distance. Looking around at the site, I feel quite safe surrounded by mountains.
The axis of the building takes Yulong Snow Mountain and Sifang Street, Xiangshan and Shizishan of Lijiang City as the axis. The landscape design axis is based on contour lines, with Yuhu Village Yuhu and Shuhe Longquan Temple as the axes.

Materials Analysis
Local materials include: rammed earth (Yunnan is a laterite plateau, red earth is more suitable for building rammed earth walls), stone (main building material for residential houses in Yuhu Village), and wood (mainly pine in Lijiang).
Non-local materials are: metal plates, glass, steel, concrete.

technical analysis
Local technologies are: rammed earth wall construction, rough stone wall construction, woodwork skillful wood construction.
Non-local technologies include: metal sheet construction, maximized glass windowing technology, steel structure construction, and concrete building material technology.

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