Emirates Air Museum

Abubakar Ahmad Sama
Canadian University of Dubai, College of Architecture Dubai

Idea projektu

The idea of the design was to have a building that utilizes every inch of its parts to contribute positively to both the building itself and its surroundings. The main goal of this project was to design a unique aviation
museum that highlights man’s ingenuity.

Popis projektu

Designed for the Dubai government, the aviation museum is located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, at the Dubai international airport(DXB). The museum is located a few hundred meters directly behind one of the DXB runways. The idea was to have a building that takes the visitors on a journey through different time periods of aviation advancements, in essence a time machine that takes them to the past, the present and the future of aviation. From approaching the building, it is designed to have a futuristic machine/spaceship like features. And curvatures reminiscence of that of an airplane (entirely functional) were applied to further harmonize the design. The plan of the building was developed around the main space (Exhibition). It was designed to take the visitors on a journey through different time periods. The exhibits themselves were chosen based on the

Technické informace

The technical, structural and sustainability details will be included the visuals.


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