Architectural design of Zhangzhou Administrative Service Center

Yue Ding
Foshan Institute of Science and Technology

Idea projektu

This design echoes the relationship between the axis of the square and the lake in the south. In a good landscape park, a multi-level relationship between landscape and architecture is formed. Based on the square axis, a rich space for leisure activities of citizens is created, and a comfortable microclimate space for activities and offices is created under the hot climate in the south.

Popis projektu

The proposed new administrative center of zhangzhou city is located in the administrative
center area, including administrative office and ancillary facilities, with a construction scale of
about 145,000 ㎡ (excluding other buildings in the base). Design should be in accordance with
the municipal party committee, municipal government proposed "simple, generous, friendly,
practical" requirements, adhere to the people-oriented, the principles of sustainable development,
to further strengthen the humanities landscape, natural landscape and ecological environment
protection, good building space, open space, people car traffic, water use, green square, recreation
facilities such as the relationship between the elements. Through landscape and environmental
design, combining with the green lake park in the south, we create a city style of "water as the
pulse, green as the charm, and text as the soul", and show the charm of zhangzhou city as "rural
city, ecological city".

Technické informace

1. Fire zone: This building is a class A high-rise public building. The buildings on the ground are equipped with automatic spraying system

The area shall not be greater than 3000 square meters. 2. Fire partition complement method: (1) the lecture hall: 1.1 times of seats (refer to article 5 of the "code for fire protection design of buildings" 5.5.21) (2) the exhibition hall: 0.75 / ㎡ (see the code for fire protection design of buildings 5.5.21 article 6) and (3) reading room: 2.3 ㎡ / block (refer to article 4 of the library building design specification 4.3.2) (4) office and technical premises: 4.0 ㎡ / person (see the office building design specification holdings article 8) (5) conference room: Have a table by 2.0 ㎡ / people, (6) office number: 3. 9 ㎡ / people evacuation passage width to determine: (1) to three layers: the first layer of 0.75 m / 100 (see article "code for fire protection design of buildings" 5.5.21) (2) or more than three layers: 1 m / 100 (see article "code for fire protection design of buildings" 5.5.21) 4. The evacuation passage distance to determine: (1) any point in the room to room through the evacuation door straight line distance, should not be greater than pocket corridor or all evacuate to the door

The direct distance of the nearest safety exit is 20m, and the spraying system can increase the distance by 25%. (2) This building is a class A high-rise building. The straight-line distance between the evacuation door and the safety exit is 40m between the two safety doors

The linear distance between the evacuation door on both sides of the bag aisle or the end to the safety exit is 20m, and the spraying system can add 25% of the distance. (3) Each fire zone should have more than two evacuation passageways


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