Urbanizacion Constellation

Benjamín Geovani Merino Naranjo, Aura Sofía Morán Cuellar, Gabriel Eduardo Ramírez Corpeño
School of Architecture of the University Dr. José Matias Delgado

Idea projektu

The proposal is based on making a home improvement, through architectural and interior intervention for low-income families. Providing a housing model that allows inhabitants to have the necessary spaces to improve their quality of life.

Popis projektu

The project takes position in the locality “The field Star” in Mejicanos, located on the shores of the San Pedro’s Boulevard, the settlement known as the dust field where there is precarious residences, The community ins in an urbanized zone which has basic accesses to transport, school among others.
Due to the houses demand, our objective is to intervene the structures making different typologies, creating spaces for the furniture to be functional, aesthetic and eco-friendly.
That is the way we generate environment to improve the life’s condition through different elements as luminosity, green spaces or even the interaction between human-furniture.
One of the main objectives in the project is to introduce the community to the art through a national proposal so the people can get artistic classes with the final purpose for families to intervene and personalize their interiors in their new house, achieving that the complex has it’s own form of expression.

Technické informace

The project has the full tecnical details in interiors and the diferent typologies created, which means it's specified the electric, basic and distribution plans with the furniture details for every typologie made.


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