Podmaniczky Corner - Cultural Centre, Terézváros

Sara Torma
Szent István University - Ybl Miklós Faculity of Architecture

Project idea

Considering the location of the project I wanted to design a place which can be used for several groups. The whole idea has 3 columns, creating public, private and semi-public areas. By these areas the building can serve bigger groups and their needs but also smaller groups, or private companies and their offices.
The location is right next to one of Budapest's biggest train station, the tracks and their shapes suggested to me to make a building with similar proportions, and put the functions in these four wagons, creating a stair between the public and the private areas.

Project description

The building is formed by 4 thinner parts and one bigger but flatter connecting part. When we arrive to the location we are greated by the more open space and the more lighter parts, these are the locations for the public and semi public areas. The theater room, the movie theater, the exhibition place are all on the ground floor, so anyone can reach them. I have also put some smaller group rooms for elder people, where they can meet and spend time together, so they are not sitting at home alone (in my hometown we have something similar to those who are living alone, they really enjoy it and it is nice to see the elder women and men connect), there is also an option for them to have lunch in these rooms together, the two rooms can be open to one bigger space. In the north part of ground floor I have put every serving needs for the exabitions/theater and conference hall or even for the elder rooms.
On the second floor you can find a library and it's smaller reading rooms, the offices to operate it and computer rooms, and also a caffee with open space. The caffee is open to the public but also easy to access by the offices and group rooms. The northern parts are completed with the small group rooms for younger people or people you are in need of group consults (such as alcoholics, addicts, or people with mental illnesses), and also at this floor you can already find office rooms as well. These offices are for rent and only those can access them who are working there. On the next floors there are more group activity rooms and offices, slowly the building is getting higher and smaller, the thin wagon shapes are lessening.
The public parts are mainly on the first and second floors of the building, giving you access, the group rooms are considered as semi-public, since they are open to anyone, but it is more of a come if you need type of situation and the private offices are open only for the workers.
This was the main reason behind my design.

Technical information

The building is made out of concrete and curtain wall cells, some walls are also covered with large-element facade cladding made out of stones, the rest is glass or exposed concrete.

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