Residential hybrid

Miroslav Kováčik
Faculty of Architecture and Design STU in Bratislava

Idea projektu

The aim of the work is to perform
an architectural study of a progressive multifunctional building / "residential hybrid" with the corresponding public and semi-public
spaces, to design a quality and original residential environment that will contribute to the revitalization of the site and support the
development strategy of Bratislava.

Key words: Residential hybrid, temporary housing, permanent housing, integrated civic amenities

Popis projektu

The work deals with "Residential hybrid", which represents a progressive multifunctional object with a combination of
residential (permanent and temporary housing) as well as commercial and gastronomic functions. The residential hybrid as a vision for
living in the future is supposed to represent an imaginary entrance gate to the southern part of the city. The urban area is situated in
Petržalka - Bratislava in the area defined by the streets: Panónska, Jantárova and Jasovská street.

Technické informace

The task of the work is to design a multifunctional residential complex with an integrated civic
amenities - with an emphasis on an attractive offer of gastronomic and commercial facilities that enliven the city parterre and create
space and at the same time offer conditions for new lifestyle.

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