Ideal Power Station

Hwanil Chang
School of Visual Arts | New York NY
Jižní Korea

Idea projektu

‘Ideal Power Station’ presents an anaerobic digester power station along with an exhibition space, a green-land system, and a hotel. The main goal of this project is to preserve and amplify the old value of Charleroi as well as to add new value by revitalization and ultimately, showing it to the public as an exhibition.

Popis projektu

Once, Charleroi was located at the center of a coal basin and represented a considerable industrial power during the 1970s. However, due to its negative effect on air pollution, the plant closed, and the region has now been facing one of the highest unemployment and poverty rates in Europe. Abandoned Cooling Tower of value as historical and cultural assets overcome the gaps in time and recreate as a building that testifies to the culture of this era, or “dead” historical traces shine through regeneration.
The ideal power station is transformed eco-friendly anaerobic power station and exhibits the past and future value to the visitors. it helps to a revived industrial district, with ‘nature tourism’ and clean air.

Technické informace

[Facade]: The facade of the building in the lower part is a concaved form to collect air. The upper part of the facade is biogas pipes connected to the digestion and the biogas tank. This allows to ensure the proper biogas movement. These biogas pipes are then transformed into windows when they cover the walls from the hotel lobby to the top floor with the swimming pool.

[Anaerobic Digestion]: Anaerobic digestion used in this power station, is the process by which organic matter such as energy crops, manure, or food waste is recycled to produce biogas and biofertilizer. This Biogas generates electricity or can be processed into renewable natural gas and used as transportation fuels.

[Air Purification System]: Air gathers in the concave form of the facade and enters through the grid opening. Then it is purified by the air cleaning filter as it goes up. In the center of the building, It has the convex forms letting the purified air spread. Also, the Turbine helps clean airflow to elevate.

[Rainwater Harvesting System]: There is the swimming pool on the top floor, along with the rainwater harvesting system. Opened rainwater harvesting structures allow people to see the flow of water through the central structure on rainy days and feel the sunlight on clear days.

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