sports hall "stronghold"

Lisbeth Valverde
Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería de Nicaragua / National University of Engineering

Idea projektu

Taking advantage of the climate and the position of the sun was a basic concept that I gave to my project, the first phase was to achieve a functional and ideal dimensioning for users, to create an area that is not only attractive in the face of visual emphasis, but also that operates as a creative center, for the preparation of future athletes. To have the opportunity that they have the physical tools in the establishment for the preparation of a sporting event of the magnitude of the Central American Olympics.
The main building in the center is the “stronghold” sports center, the base concept was functionality, prior to high, perform the vertical and horizontal isoptic calculations to determine my base shape and expand its diameter to place the environments for the internal recreation of the building.

Popis projektu

For the creation of the master plan it was necessary to use the laws stipulated by the regulatory plan of Managua, to define zoning and land use. The cobweb-inspired radial circulation was used to give a surprise effect and keep the primary and secondary circulation connected to each other, as well as create a distribution in the green area to prevent solar radiation from affecting users. The location of the pavilions influenced the location of the distribution streets, that is why the large pavilion is located on the northwest side of the land, to expand its number of parking spaces.

Technické informace

The sports hall has 3 levels below its stands, the first floor is the areas on the north side and this is the area for athletes with an area of ​​3310.00 m2, following the south area is the public area with an area of ​​4307.00 m2 the west zone as an administrative area with 505.00 m2, the east west zone. It has a height of 15 m. It has a total of 12 vomitoriums with a diameter of 1.80 m, where 8 of these are located on the second floor with their respective staircase leading to the exits and have the capacity to evacuate 500 people in 7 minutes during any emergency, as well as having a main vomitorium where an ambulance will be located and the players and referees will be able to leave. The Premium area is located on the fourth floor, it has 2 elevators that lead directly to the lobby and to the presidential balconies, divided into 2 presidential parts in the southern area, press and television in the northern area.
Its base structural system is made of columns, beams and precast concrete slabs, the columns are curved and create stability from the outside to the inside, and its middle beams connect the metal truss structure creating the second stage on the third and fourth levels that they follow the shape of the curved beams all the way to the deck to create a ring of steel trusses that are connected by means of steel tension cables to the main beams to the ring. Its external closings are made of tempered glass, and of the metallic structure of ACM panels, to finally cover at 45 ° with a kinetic structure that will help the position of the building to create better ventilation and entry of sunlight.

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