Extruded Network

Riad Wehbi
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Spojené státy americké

Idea projektu

This project is aimed at creating a community space using sensory therapy targeting the long-term effects of trauma. This is done by emphasizing the importance of building a community experience.

Popis projektu

The plan revolves around the community spaces which serve as the heart of the project.

The premise of this design is providing each space a unique volume which is unified by the free flowing roof. The roof itself creates space through moments of compression and expansion, and furthermore each space has differing feelings controlled by the roof.

Technické informace

The overall concept for the therapy experience is getting the users engaged and interactive in the therapy experience.

Two crucial aspects of this design are vision and light. The design heavily limits the amount of direct harsh light into the building.

The expressiveness of visual activity gives constant life in the whole building which then extends the idea of therapy to the entire building for the users.

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