Svetlana Danilova, Emilija Jankoska
UACS | University American College Skopje

Idea projektu

Traditional architecture in Burkina Faso varies by region and ethnic group. It ranges from the temporary straw hut of the Fulbe and the tent of the Tuareg to the round hut made of adobe bricks and covered by a straw roof from which our design was inspired by.
Like, large boulevards, representative roundabouts, football stadiums and multi-stories administration buildings, this cultural center was designed to symbolize modernity but also to represent the traditional culture of Burkina Faso
The use of fluid form creates a playful, lively, unique design which separates the cultural center from the rest of the surrounding buildings but still represents the traditional culture of Burkina Faso inspired by the round hut made of bricks.

Popis projektu

We created two central parts, the first one is the amphitheater and the main stage and the second one is the LABO area which consist of all of the extra curricular activities. All of this activities require different heights and because of that all of spaces are different both in form and height. This activities form a street that connects them to the main entrance of the amphitheater and the ticket office. This street is like a plaza/multifunctional space that is a free space where other installations can be placed or it can simply be used for interaction. We also created an amphitheater that is located on the south site of the hill that looks directly to the new plaza.

We changed the form of the stage and the amphitheater to a more continues, fluid form so that it will fit better with our concept. The dimensions of the stage are 25m width and 16m depth. The stage is covered with a wooden pergola.

The WORK area which is located behind the stage is wrapped around a shell with a fluid form that visually connects the WORK and LABO area. The shell is made of brick and is covered with a wooden pergola that matches the one that covers the stage.

Technické informace

The main materials that are used are clay bricks and wood.
The walls are either 10cm,15cm or 30cm(outer walls) thick and they are made of clay bricks.
The roofs are made of wood or wooden pergolas like the one on the shell that is wrapped around the work area.
The stage is 25m wide and 16m deep and it is also covered with a wooden pergola.
The height of the walls differ depending on the function of the space.

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