Theatre Populaire IDEA(L)

Kinga Alba
Gdańsk Technical University (Politechnika Gdańska), Faculty of Architecture, Gdańsk

Idea projektu

Thinking about theater is thinking about actors. But not just about those on stage. It’s about everyone who is present there. Whether it is an artist, a visitor or simply a worker. Theater is supposed to be a place which represents the community. The idea was to give people something they can be proud of. But also something they can be part of from the early stage. Encourage them to build. Because working with people is fundamental. At the end they should feel that it belongs to them. Teach people modern skills is something valuable. Something they will identify themselves with later. Usually people don’t understand architecture. But with architecture they become proud. They feel that the place they come from is important. Simple structures from local materials with a touch of design, freshness and innovation.

Popis projektu

The real art is to create something simple from something ordinary. That what this project is about. A try to create simple complex of buildings which will use in sustainable way natural values of surrounding environment. Complex of buildings instead of one big building give the possibility of creating free spaces, which can be used as additional performing stages, terraces or rest areas. The building itself can be inspiring to create. The design assumption leaves the existing amphitheater as it is. Simple renovation of seating and enlargement of the main stage. The point is not to lose historical values but to use them. Mythical once again becomes a temple of contemporary creation. Each building has its own function. The functions have been arranged intuitively. So that the user instinctively chooses the path. There are three main areas: the work area, the show area and the labo area. The show area is located at the beginning of the complex. The work area is connected to the main stage. It is a place for artists, workers and the labo area is located on the both sides of the stage. The stage can be closed with big, sliding panels made of wood. The buildings are relatively low, one-storey, except for the building with a stage, which consists of two floors. The complex is easily accessible for disabled people or strollers. The platform on which the buildings were erected has been enriched with ramps. Vegetation is a very important aspect in the whole assumption. It constitutes a transparent wall around the complex. The buildings hide in the vegetation that surrounds them, giving a pleasant coolness and a sense of comfort.

Technické informace

Atrial theater presented here provides air circulation. Trees around the complex and inside it cool down the air which comes to the building. Warm air comes out through the spaces between the walls and the roofing. Additional cooling method was introduced through water channels routed around buildings in the concrete platform. When cold water evaporates, warm air outside cools down and enters the building through free space. Such a passive cooling system does not require mechanical support. Locally made mud bricks are used for the walls. Outer walls are made from two bricks meanwhile inner walls are made from one. Clay has a good quality when it comes to temperature. Preserves cold air inside. Keeps warm air outside. Keeping in mind that Burkina Faso has radical climate, on one hand drought on the other one flooding, the complex is prepared for both. Putting the whole assumption on the concrete platforms will protect the buildings from flooding and big, sloping roofing will provide a shadow in sunny days. Roofing made of corrugated metal and simple truss structure has been enriched with gutters and rainwater drain pipes, which are to be collected in easily accessible underground tanks. It can be used in dry season as water for watering vegetation or cooling buildings. Radical climate in Burkina Faso is a real challenge but at the same time it makes local architecture special.

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