The Green Amphiteatre

Stojan Stamenkovikj
UACS | University American College Skopje

Project idea

The rehabilitation of the Theatre Populaire and the site aims to save the green areas, make all the space usable, providing the needed spaces for learning and practicing the different artistic disciplines. On the site there are new public spaces that can be accessed at any time, the visitors will be closer to artists and the arts, and thus will increase the interest in learning these disciplines and arts.

Project description

The stage is surrounded by the object (Work Area) that houses the necessary rooms for performers, technicians and the CDC team. The stage is connected with a backstage and two side stages with space for scenery and various equipment needed for the performance. On the south side of the amphiteater there are new green terraces that serve as public areas accessible to visitors at any time. They provide a view to the four open spaces used for learning and practicing choreography and different disciplines, musical performances and are used as small open scenes. Two objects (Labo Area) are symmetrically placed south of this spaces. To the south of the eastern building (restaurant) remains the existing building which has been completely renovated. On the ground floor are located the administration offices and the hotel lobby, and on the upper two floors are built hotel rooms with a capacity of 44 beds. The hotel and the restaurant are connected to the east with a pond surrounded by trees and greenery. The presence of high greenery with its shade on the buildings and surfaces prevents excessive heating from the Sun.

Technical information

The stage is 15m deep. 19m wide and 10m clear hеight. The stage surface is made of sheet vinyl - this material is very suitable for dance performances. The facades are made of light gray granite. The four educational spaces are made of glued laminated wood constructive system.


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