The Factory of Artists

Yanni Su
Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art (University of Glasgow), Glasgow, Scotland

Project idea

Apply Heterogeneity To The Project Through The Street Pattern And Film And Events To Achieve The aims:
1.Industrial areas recovery;
2.Landscape repair;
3.Cultural activities and tourist promotion;
4.City landmark supplement;
5.Destination of artists.

Project description

The thesis explores the interpretation of “events” by a way of personal experiences, e.i., physical events and main landmarks during a few days’ site investigation by the designer in Antwerp, and a self-made film,
the virtual events of stories happened in both cities of Antwerp and Glasgow by using them as diagram generation bases to produce structure of plan and spatial pattern of site and building to try to bring about
a conversion of the selected site from the almost forgotten place on an island, into a new events rich land.

The building, named as the artists factory, is made as a paradise to young artists and others who feel interested in arts or related affairs, in order to promoting the development of arts as an important
heritage to the tradition of Antwerp being pride to her fame on arts in the ancient time

Technical information

master plan, technical drawings, visualization, analysis diagrams for film and spaces transformation, model photography

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