Sara Mustafa, Ehsan Reza (Advisor)

Project idea

Since the aim of the rehabilitation project of the Theatre Populaire is to renovate the identity of the area and it is a place for dancing, the idea of the proposed architectural design is using the traditional building style of the area in such a way that represents the gathering for the dancing and being a sustainable design in the same time to reach the goal of creating a place of cultural diversity and sustainable architecture.
The proposed design focuses on (The identity of the area, Sustainability, and Social interaction and gathering).

Project description

The Theatre Populaire Idea(l) is a historical place of the complex of the Centre de Développement Chorégraphique La Termitiere in the city center of Ouagadougou, in Burkina Faso, West of Africa. The proposed design includes three main parts “according to the project requirements”, Labo area, Show area, and Work area. Each area designed as a semi-closed courtyard building that plays an important role in African traditional buildings because of its characteristic of high privacy and climatic benefits.
The courtyards are shaped and designed in a way that creates a central gathering area for the project and makes a connection between the amphitheater and the CDC complex.
The structure that is designed for the show area shading represents the traditional pattern that is used in the Burkina Faso building façade which has a cultural value in the place.
Covering The CDC complex building and using the same details and materials as the new additional building for the project in order to make the unity in the project design between the existing buildings and the new additional parts.
The central part is designed for three main purposes:
To collect rainwater on rainy days and reuse it for the project.
Shading, on sunny days.
To create a visual connection between amphitheater and CDCC complex

Technical information

The central part of the proposed design is covered with a structure that is used for collecting rainwater.
Using locally available materials and the construction of the improved built assets. Cement-based or earthen materials (compressed earth blocks) will be used for the building walls.
The use of the courtyard makes the project achieve a passive building with high energy efficiency with natural light (daylight) for the surrounding rooms of the courtyard and ventilation.

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