theater populaire

Ahmad Alkali

Idea projektu

Considering the nature of the environment, especially the the micro-climate, the design ideas and process goes as follows;
LAYOUT : inspired from the traditional/vernacular Housing typology
of Burkina Faso (courtyard system)for its socio cultural relevance
and environmental performance; whereby blocks are placed in
clustered forms around the amphitheater, rendering the amphitheater the focal point of the project.
Material wise; integration of both the vernacular architecture materials and the modern architecture materials to provide a design that speak both the traditional and modern language, also provides a luxury without abandoning the architectural identity of the city completely.

Popis projektu

the project is designed to accommodate the major art and cultural activities such as the stage for performing arts, temporary exhibition halls, outdoor gathering landscapes (for people who cant afford the cost for the amphitheater), classes for teaching paintings, sculptures, potteries, crafting such as knitting, and also tailoring. the backstage workshops are multi-functional, they are used for both the activities taking place in the amphitheater and also as learning workshops for the locals. all these activities are included to help the locals acquire some skill to support themselves.

Technické informace

To accommodate the temperature challenges, the glass used in the curtain walls are "Tempered Glass" because it is the less expensive alternative, and is best for lower temperature applications. It can withstand constant temperature up to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit.
Kinetic Louvers applied in the admin block in order to maximize solar protection, the motion of these louvers is facilitated with cogs and gears which allows them to be pivoted left and right to adapt to the east and west orientation of the sun.
Perforated wall are adopted to maximize the flow of air (cooling) in and out of the spaces.


Advisor: Ehsan Reza

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