THEATRE POPULAIRE IDEA(L) ouagadougou, burkina faso

Somefun Omotola, Eshan Reza(Advisor)

Idea projektu

The main idea of this project is to create adequate spaces where artists might create and perform and also bringing life back to the Theatre Populaire which was abandoned.
The design concept scenario comes from the support between the Burkina Faso tribes, with over 60 different ethnic groups living together. The maintenance of tradition and back to back support among them lead to the conceptual idea. The arrangement and ornamentation of the building is showing the beauty of the people supporting each other.

Popis projektu

The bleacher is directly connected to the other three main areas which are: WORK, SHOW, LABO.
The amphitheatre is accessible for both the able and disabled person through the stairs and ramps included in this design, a bridge was included to link the LABO and SHOW area to the bleacher.
The design will be constructed with Adobe brick which is locally available in Burkina faso. Each Building has different cladding system in other to mix the traditional architecture with the modern. The various cladding materials are Aluminium composite panels, glass, wood and stone.
The entire site was redesign taken into consideration the existing building, sinking garden, sinking courtyard, water and raised children play area was included in the landscape to give the users good ventilation and good views

Technické informace

Adequate headroom are given to each block due to the fact that hot air raises. Adobes brick was used because they have an exceptional thermal performance they are fire proof, biodegradable or reused and easy to forge into any shape or size.

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