Musa Aliyu

Idea projektu

Geometric shapes

Popis projektu

Art in Burkina faso consist of complex compositions of triangles, circle, rectangles, crescents, dentate patterns, and other geometric shapes, which are carved or pyro engraved, and then colored red, black and white using natural vegetable or mineral pigments. These geometric shapes represents the social construct between the Burkinabe ethnic groups, which connect them all together. Circular shape structure are the main dominant building pattern in Burkina faso vernacular architecture, this structure has less wall length, thus fewer materials are required to built it. 15 - 20% less material is needed to create the same size building compared to a rectangular design.
In Natural Climate Control this structure capture breezes from all directions, and also ensures an even and constant ventilation. Also in terms of acoustic, Sound waves dissipate as they wrap around a building, thus shielding the interior from loud noises outside. The shape prevents noise from penetrating in from the out¬side. The curve also softens sounds inside the building.

Technické informace

Modernizing culture
Using cultural and traditional elements of the city to help locals relate to their cities and presenting their unique identities. Those elements and identities will be implemented and also providing local needs in a sustainable manner.
Also getting inspiration and adopting the traditional building patterns


Ehsan reza

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