Isukha Cultural Centre

Khalfin Okuthe Andanje
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, School of Architecture and Building Sciences, Department of Architecture

Idea projektu

The project explores the integration of african cultural concepts for each spatial planning, traditional forms, materials and building technology to achieve identity and context in contemporary architecture. The project concept is drawn from the traditional Isukha circumcision story, symbolizing the translation from the old to the new. In it are aspects of the old retained and the new embraced to create a hybrid composition.The project site is an ecologically sensitive one, boarded by the Kakamega forest and the Koromatangi river. The design approach therefore aims to protect and integrate the ecosystem, incorporating sustainable aspects of solar energy and rainwater harvesting.

Popis projektu

The Isukha Cultural Centre hosts a reception,a restaurant, an exhibition hall, a traditional dance arena hosting a bird's viewing deck, informal floating eateries and an outdoor sitting terrace.

Technické informace

SIte plan, location plan, scheme design (plans, sections, elevations, perspectives), detailed drawings


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