Returning Home-Burkina Faso

Valbona Sedaliu
UACS | University American College Skopje

Idea projektu

The main idea is to return the space to the people , and this time increase the longevity of the object by increasing the inclusiveness of all ages and interests.
The goal is to keep the theater and adapt the parcel to the current needs, all the spaces required for : The WORK area, The SHOW area and The LABO area, are provided to satisfy the creative process but new spaces are also added, like a playground for the children and all the spaces should attract all ages, during the creation and not just in the end when a show happens, this will assure that the rehabilitation will last,making it a space to experience even when there is no show happening, so that the people will want to make it last turning it into their amusement , relaxing, creative space where there is something for everyone to do and to love.

Popis projektu

Starting the design by approaching the site and doing site analysis, provided the start of the placement of the functions , keeping the original theater in the same place already provided a division and a place for the Work area, the back of the main stage seating is used as a double seating using what is already there , by just extending the flow of the seating not only it provides a more free and casual way of experiencing the space , also serves as a open theater to a smaller audience, a not so very formal one where different types of activities can happen at any time by anyone.
This open seating and scene provide also an attraction for the elderly and children who can partake even by coincidence and get included.

Adding 4 different round spaces instead of one big containing the classrooms-turned to show spaces if needed, provides a very intimate activity and private so that the creators can focus on their art , but by the construction of the objects out of brick and wood , that allows natural light form a grid on the inside as well as the outside depending on what time of day it is and where the light hits makes for a unique experience , also using as a inspiration the "Women’s Opportunity Center by Sharon Davis Design" in Rwanda ,offers a very practical way of using these spaces that also provides maximum ventilation and cooling of the spaces , also using the circular shape offers a cultural honoring of the build.

The Circus classroom, as the biggest object of the educational spaces build by the same materials, offers for a larger space that even though the focal point is the educational and practice of this art form, this expression also serves as a gathering space and a common space for all of the creators , it has the capacity to even be multi-usable and host events during all times of the day or night , so that the community can use it too and bring a new dimension to their social interactions.

Using one of the geometrical forms after the site analysis as a parking spaces , keeps any form of traffic contained and gives the opportunity for everything else be freely used by the people . It is intentionally placed between 2 functions ,one being the children's playground that makes for an enjoyable experience for them but especially the parents or the grandparents that might want to spend time together in a safe and positive environment , and in this way we add the quality of all ages in one creative bundle .
The other side of the parking used as a dedicated space for temporary stalls it is placed in such way that is suggestive to all who enter the parcel , as it is one of the first spaces you come across when parking , makes for an increased flow of people and this increases the exchange of values between people.

Technické informace

Starting from the materials the most economical and most sensful would be : concrete as a strong structural material , bricks as a natural economical and aesthetically strong material with traditional value , wood as one of the oldest materials but a warm and natural way of building that can be multipurpose , is used throughout the entire design so that everything speaks the same language .

The main-stage is 19m by 15m or 285m2
The backstage as part of the work area is 380m2
The summer stage is 152m2 + 2x(600x420x400)cm2 for the back of the summer stage
The circular educational spaces with a r=680cm
The circus space with r=1300cm

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