Theatre populaire

Musa Muhammed Shuwa,Huzaifah Isah shuaib, Vanye .T.Elisha ,Faith Esla Anzaki ,Laura Kabir Galadanci , Musa Bello Bello, Aminu Zubairu.
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria

Idea projektu

The design is inspired by culture, space and nature (ECO TOURISMO). The idea focuses on creativity, real life feasibility, use of simple forms and functions that have futuristic approach. The theater serves to its unique natural environment that makes it play a major in the Burkinabe community: by creating open, safe, and Eco-friendly spaces with strong attachment to culture and traditions.

Popis projektu

As mentioned above the building is titled “ECO TOURISMO”, considering the smart sustainable approach and self-advertising fused with the following; originality, creativity, real life feasibility, cultural heritage, Green initiatives and its maintenance as part of the landscape. Also the existing structures is preserved to reduce excessive demolition and cost.
It will interest you to know that the total area of the site and build up areas is considered. Also, the facilities provided and their locations are based on zoning, ease of access, climate and topography.
Plain walls were adopted so as to increase revenue generation. The number of entrances and exits also for crowd control and emergency are also considered. Most importantly, the design strictly adheres with the facilities demand and conditions of the brief having universal approach in usability, maintenance and aesthetic appearance.

Technické informace

The design of the building incorporate the use of blue colors which signifies joy and celebration according to the Burkinabe traditions, façade of triangular patterns made from prefabricated wood in show rooms to encourage culture and tradition, earth brick walls, open air terrace at strategic places, different size stages outside the main theater organized in a cocoon format with umbrella shades for different artists to perform and practice from time to time, Use of elevated surfaces and ramps to ease movement of physically challenged personals within the facility. The abandoned amphitheater is located in the northern part of the NCDC compound with the remaing blocks south. Sustainable approach is a major concern given the country’s values and history. Climate turns sustainability design into a major challenge. Use of indigenous materials as the building location takes advantage of construction materials like clay, wood and solar energy. Open spaces and walk corridors guarantee two advantages: first natural air circulation in buildings and creating lightened and controlled spaces. This ambitious project which focuses on sustainability includes the following features: photovoltaic panels, outdoor galleries, solar control elements and passive strategies to regulate environmental qualities.

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