Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, School of Architecture and Building Sciences, Department of Architecture

Idea projektu

Designing a sustainable residential home in a desert climatic area for a professor

Popis projektu

The project is in Africa, Kenya, Turkana county which is in a desert climate area.So the whole design is inclined towards sustainability in a desert area which includes protecting and restoring the habitat,eliminating heat island effect, light pollution reduction, use of native vegetation, capturing rainwater for irrigation, treating wastewater on site, recycling greywater, reducing energy consumption and promoting alternative energy sources.

Technické informace

The building has two floors having living room,dining area,kitchen area, guest bedroom on the ground floor and master bedroom, study area, and a kid's bedroom on the first floor.
The walls are 300mm thick cavity walls made of brick to increase their thermal mass and reduce heat gain in the building.
The slabs are constructed using brick hollow pots to reduce construction cost and reduce heat gain.
There is provision of a greywater treatment system on sight and also installation of solar panels on the roof.

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