Theatre Populaire Ideal, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Juraj Ženiš
Faculty of Architecture and Design STU in Bratislava

Idea projektu

The resolved area is located in the city of Ouagadougou, which is the capital of Burkina Faso. The climate of the country is subtropical with little precipitation and the architecture needs to be adapted accordingly. The main element of this area is definitely an amphitheatre with a requirement to enlarge and roof the stage. It is also important to create training space for various art forms. The area has the potential to become a major cultural centre for the whole country. The main goal of the assignment is to raise the standard of the area to the international level, which requires a comprehensive improvement of all aspects of the area from technology infrastructure, through administration to the performance spaces themselves.

Popis projektu

I approached the design by dividing the project request into individual objects according to function - training centre (LABO zone), theatre, parking, entry building, stage on the fresh air (Site-specific zone). The buildings create a space reminiscent of a courtyard - the heart of this cultural space - which provides free area and thus other opportunities for temporary installations such as art exhibitions, relaxation zone, refreshments and more. The area is inspired by open-air music festivals. The proposal deals also with the access of vehicles from both sides of the area, north and south, so it is passable in case of emergency. Objects are visually connected using the same materials and shapes. Selected materials - brick and concrete - are basic elements of architecture in this country and at the same time provide great shape variability. The ceiling structure consists of steel truss beams due to their high strength and ability to maintain dynamic pressure, which arises due to various types of performances. Concrete as the main material was chosen due to its use in the amphitheatre but also for its good availability. Brick is a very variable material and in a subtropical climate, it provides the opportunity to create ventilated facades. The use of arches expresses the elegance of theatrical themes and refers to the ancient architecture that stood at the origin of the theatre.

Technické informace

The construction system consists of a reinforced concrete skeleton and the use of a foundation bath in combination with a column. The architecture uses the "windcatcher" principle commonly used in the traditional architecture of North Africa and the Middle East. It is a chimney system that vents the interior of the building brings cold air from the chimney and expels warm air through the perforated walls. Also, the galvanized roof reflects much of the sun rays. The project contains the architectural and technical solution of four buildings - entry building "show zone", theatre building "work zone", theatre entry and training centre "labo zone". Project is designed to be fully usable for disabled people.

Economic solution
The biggest advantage of the division into buildings is that they do not have to be built at once, the construction can be
phased out and thus obtain funds in parts. The use of local materials also adds a good price.

Area land balances:
Land area: 23 102.64 m2
The built-up area with existing buildings: 1334.88 m2,
The built-up area of new buildings: 4243.55,
Total built-up area: 5578.43.

The estimated amount for construction:
€ 9,547,500 = XOF 6,293,293,820
(rate: 1 € = 659.1562 XOF)
The amount for the construction is not accurate due to the unknown prices of labour and materials in the country.

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