Human and Nature

Danit Yaish
Ariel University, School of Architecture, Ariel

Idea projektu

The project is the beginning of a process, not a special technological project, but a door to a new construction method.
The construction and development industry is responsible for 40% of pollutant and carbon dioxide emissions, in addition to the IPBES announced the risk of extinction of one million species of nature. One of the main reasons is the construction and development of the environment so the IPBES organization calls for a new relationship with nature. Today we are willing to reduce the impact whith the so-called SUSTANBLE DESIGN. But it is no longer possible to remain in this passive approac, the building environment has no longer the luxury of being' less evil ', it is necessary to make a positive effect - REGENERATIVE DESIGN. This approach includes reducing waste, using water, returning social and ecological systems to a healthy state. We must approach the equilibrium between taking and giving to the earth, balanced emission creating positive energy - renewing the natural system.

Popis projektu

All of the tools for the development of the contemporary city have in fact been transferred to deterministic procedures, planned scenarios with predictable mechanisms. The growth and density of the city are managed and created by predetermined plans, the future was seemingly predictable and locked in. But the objective recognition of climate change, social phenomena and the urgent need to renew democratic mechanisms is needed. A future plan may cause panic, but following Spinoza's philosophical approach, which directly thought of the concepts of the masses and not individuals, the present cannot dictate the future. .
Urban planning should no longer depend on arbitrary decisions but on the composition of individual cases of the place. What contributed to the project creation are multiple and constantly renewed. Its existence is associated with great stories, objective recognition of climatic transformations, even human and climatic ethics. To change social phenomena and push for the renewal of democratic mechanisms. It is important to note that the project is not a political project but a speculation on an a-political society. The goal is to free us from conceptual logic that starts from a predetermined structure. Grow a physical matrix that responds to heterogeneity of human organization and adapts itself to a variety of morphologies and different situations.
Fiction is the principle of reality.
Concern for nature by concern for the balance between man and nature, concern for man - better planning for the future.

Technické informace

It requires a change in the means of production, the development of a construction protocol that can handle complex geometries in the process of concrete discharge, this protocol with local optimization, wind load testing, etc. This open source approach can replace the deterministic and expected typology used in collective living. Growth is artificial and synthetic trying to trace nature. It is based on real processes that produce the raw materials and modes of operation of their development. Full size 3D printing, 1: 1. This can be seen as 'structural calligraphy'.
The material I will use, suitable for printing, BIO Concrete - Concrete Polymer Concrete and Biological Resin. It is an agricultural product and not a fossil fuel. This resin is low in carbon dioxide emissions.
Conclusion - A formless skeleton implanted on an existing texture, which does not seek a vanishing point to justify its existence, but receives its vitality from progress and growth. Creating a rug that combines all conditions in the environment to such an extent that it is the environment.

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