Daniel Amran
Ariel University, School of Architecture, Ariel

Idea projektu

Creating a quasi-Kibbutz Spanish Complex.
Born in Madrid, Spain, I am currently studying in Israel. Experiencing two different cultures has made me appreciate the best side of each one. This inspired my quasi template creating an inclusive diverse model allowing to take the positive of both the Spanish infrastructure style with the attractive community setting offered by the Kibbutz model, involving the youth and engagement the masses, avoiding the isolation problem many face because of the social media.

When I ask myself where I would like to live, the answer is not the personal cube in which I reside, it would have to be a centric place with an interesting enviroment; so I want to create an ebullient urban life as a replacement to towers in the city.

Popis projektu

The prime location would be a suburban area between Tel-Aviv and Jaffa. There is a huge industrial zone that has not been structured which is in urgent need of development and addapt it to the Tel-Avivian life.
This project creates a street full of life for young people and an open space for kids to be free and safe while being part of the urban context.
The first step is to create an urban language that synergizes and elongates the surrounding neighborhoods: Florentin, Shapira and north Jaffa.

Technické informace

In order to create the communal spaces in a city setting, ground floor is kept as commercial area that incorporate public open spaces. On top of it there are office floors which also have part of the functions of the upper houses. Furthermore, roof-areas are to be used as green-spaces for the community. Modular planning is used in order to combine a large number of apartments. The modular disassembly is utilized to create green spaces and bridges between the house buildings so that all the complexes become a single unit.

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