Cultural Center

Reem Elshehabi
Benghazi University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Benghazi

Idea projektu

The Cultural Center gets people who have different intellectual trends and beliefs together and allow them to participate in different cultural activities. The aim is to promote culture of coexisting and strength relationships between the residents of society. This was reflected on the unsymmetrical design of the building.

Popis projektu

The building is composed of two separate blocks. The first block is aligned to the boundary of the site, the other block is situated 60 degree from the first block with a twisted roof. The angle and the shape reflect the different intellectual trends and beliefs.
The first block is used for service purposes to the building. The second block include the main hall.
The two blocks are connected by a third block. This block comprise the main entrance hall with the exhibition, three main gathering centers with a sitting area, the main stairs to the second floor with a lobby.

Technické informace

Columns / slabs for the first block and the connected block.
Frame structure for the twisted block (second block) and other blocks.


Teaching staff from the Architecture Department of Benghazi University:
Mr. Hazem Bunkheila
Mr. Wesam Awad Alshiky

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