Chiromo Campus Conference Center

Malcom Mwathi
University of Nairobi, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Design

Idea projektu

The increasing demand of conference spaces within the university and the advent of more and more speakers gracing the University of Nairobi with lectures/talks necessitated the design of a medium sized ultra modern conference facility in Chiromo Campus to be used by the university fraternity and may also be let out to external users as an income generating investment for the University.

Popis projektu

The project focuses on the design of comfortable gathering spaces with large and small volume spaces in a single building. The project also aims to develop skills in detailing spaces with several functions, of various sizes within one building in an institution within an urban setting on a site with a rich history.
The site is to accommodate:
.conference facility (600 pax. )
.breakout rooms/meeting room
.cafeteria (100 pax. )
.library (80 pax. )
.administration offices

Technické informace

The corner site gives a scope for expression in the design where the two street facing facades meet through a curve with a distinct design element on the street frontage made of reinforced concrete and a curtail wall.

The spaces are designed with an aim to achieve an environmentally friendly building that pays attention to thermal control and provision of cooling, use of natural lighting, among other sustainable design principles.
Spatial organization of the building enables easy way finding whereas circulation spaces such as the foyer and staircase have been designed to also maximize on human interaction for extended periods of time.

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