Libyan parliament building

Marwa Greiw
University of Tripoli, School of Applied Sciences, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Tripoli

Idea projektu

Libya as a country is so diverse and has many different regions, its rich with culture.
As a building that would represent all Libyans and unit them with all their differences, I focused on making the design publicly acceptable through ensuring that the building integrates with its surroundings and providing transparency throughout its iconic structure.

Popis projektu

The form is a combination of three main elements.
The cylindrical shape of the building that has a bigger diameter on the top is to represent the growth of the country.
The tree dome (the grid structure system)starts from the underground guiding the people to the main debating chamber,
Connecting the exterior and interior together.
The Loops ;
They are the exterior part of the building working as a landscape element that people can walk underneath and discover the different shad Shape that its form on each of them.They form together the facade of the building, where each loop represents a specific culture with a different pattern that all start to vanish getting closer to the plain United parliament.

Technické informace

The building is a combination of three different systems the grid structure system for the dome,main core , and a normal grid system for interior spaces.


my supervisor’s Dr.M ALbakkosh and
Dr. Alkelanni .
And special thanks goes to Dr Touraya Ashour
Dr.Osama Abdul Hadi for their support and giddiness

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