Void house

Sreu chanraksmey
Norton University (NU)

Idea projektu

This project study how to improve the present typical row house design being supplied in the market to a more environmental friendly living and working space, energy saving by introducing void and greens, and integrating climate change aspect to the design. It does not add much cost, but offers beauty and value, and improves health condition and happiness.

Popis projektu

To study current situation of flat house in Cambodia and to provide concept and visualize idea of how to improve the housing condition. In-depth study on current flat house and sustainable house by converting the current house along with concept of sustainability as a pilot project.

Technické informace

Void creation to fill the air and the light. Apply white porous skin like a lacework in front and side wall of the house is not only for the security but also provide a diffuse sunlight into a house as well as ventilation. Living environment friendly with green way, garden in and out. Plant tree to help prevent heat radiation. Using sola panel on roof and vent tile to save energy in the house. I

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