A 2 storey Residential Apartment Building

Chinwendu Philip
University of Nigeria Nsukka

Idea projektu

The aim of the project is to provide an affordable apartment for middle income earners in sub urban region of Nigeria.
It is a modest apartment but also speaks of modernity on the design and finishing of the building.
It location in tropical climate entails that the building is in line with HVAC requirements for buildings in Tropical regions, it also affects the design techniques involved in the building whilst aesthetics is not compromised.

Popis projektu

The project is a modern apartment building, whereby one of the prominent principles of design involved in it is symmetry.
The ground floor has a room (ensuite), a living room, kitchen on each wing.
The first and second floor has 2rooms (all ensuite), a living room, kitchen on each wing.

Technické informace

The available technical information is the visualization that is 3d perspective, it will be shown in the project pictures.

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