Urbanistický design a krajinářství

Revitalization of urban area in Prague

Romana Chvalová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

The main idea of the urban study was to connect a square with surrounding hilly area using the walking terrace above metro tube. The roof of the terrace is lightened at night in such a manner that it resembles The Milky Way.

Popis projektu

The urban study presents a new design of a walking terrace above Hůrka metro station and Sluneční square. The terrace leads through Central park to Lužiny metro station and to Lužiny hill. New commercial premises, that can bring new life to the area, were created under the extended terrace in Sluneční square. The rest of the square was designed as a park with a small square. The small square contains a pavilion for holing fairs.

Technické informace

The base idea is to connect the whole area with the walking terrace in single height level and give the walking terrace new design that would become new dominant of this area.
The whole 3D model was made in student version of Archicad 21.

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