Midnight on the lake villa

Ali Joursaraei

Idea projektu

The initial goals of the project were to meet the needs of the employer in the first place, then to design a contextual project to establish a sensational dialogue with the design platform. This is how a very essential powerful concept was formed in my mind, "white swan".
Because project's site is located near a lake that is a habitat to many birds.
After the initial process of designing, sketches were created that had the ability to become a unique and functional form.
Finally, form was born by performing environmental comfort tests and making various maquette models. My basic concern in design process of this project was to come up with a conceptual design method and at the same time create a harmony between the architecture and the surrounding nature. A pure artistic balance to convey my massage to the audience perception.

Popis projektu

To design a project with folding style and impressionist expression, it is always necessary to consider the design platform as the axis of the idea. For this reason, in the dialectical process of creating the form, I first collected information from the images of the site plan and accesses and climate change over the seasons, then examined all the reactions that the environment can have to an architecture with my proposal form.
And I came up with a set of structural relations and spatial zoons with specific unconscious meaning . In the process of designing to outer shells and walls, I tried to give the audience a chance to crystallize and express their emotional expression with a deep look at the textures and materials. With this approach, I was able to get close to the throat of a space atmosphere that initially surprises the audience with an identity impact. But in the next steps of joining, the perceptual gives the audience and users the opportunity to think and be drawn into the truth of their existence.
In a few words I can describe the project: textures, surfaces, space atmosphere

Technické informace

A completely naturalistic and contextualize idea has been used to create the concept. Then I tried to get a good performance by collecting environmental and climatic information. Then, with hand drawing sketches I found my design language, I conceptualized and harmonized the prototypes and plans with the concept, until I finally came to a turning point in creating the prototypes of the form. In the design process, I used software that gave me the freedom to achieve that the naturalistic site plan I wanted, and in the final renderings, I decided to approach the nature of the truth and shape the essence of architecture. In the end, I hope I have been able to help bring a monumental meaning from/to nature and the philosophy of human existence within nature, in an architectural form.

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