Marina 5 star hotel

Okesiji Abisola
University of Lagos, Akoka-yaba

Idea projektu

The idea is to create an iconic 5 star hotel that will meet the requirements of the green guild. its designed to capture and enhance the urbanizing momentum of Lagos island while infusing a positive impact on the urban heat island (marina)

Popis projektu

A 5 star hotel that includes all major functions such as guest rooms, bouquet hall, reception, conference areas etc.

Technické informace

The first five floors of the building houses the bouquet hall, parking , concierge and other ancillaries. The Top of the bouquet hall contains a green roof that is accessible by users of the hotel. The green roof helps in cooling the bouquet hall below and helps the ecology of the environment. The roof will feature with a make-shift walkway fitted with sandcrete slabs(made from a cement,sand and water mix), sit-outs with cover provided by table-fitted umbrellas, little shrubs that serve to primarily aerate the environment on the roof and colorful potted plants (recommended by horticulturists) to increase the aesthetic appeal of the roof top.
The green roof is adapted from existing buildings which display the effectiveness such a roof is
having on their commercial revenue. Some advantages include:-
a. Fire Retardation
b. Aesthetic Improvement
c. Moderation of the Urban Heat Island Effect

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