Alfons Mucha Gallery

Jiří Krátký
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

Slav Epic is probably the most famous peace of art from Alphonse Mucha, it is a series of twenty monumental canvases depicting the history of the Slav people and civilisation. It is a big honor for me, as a person born in Czech republic, to design a whole new gallery for this masterpiece. In my project I was very inspired by Mucha's work which significantly defined the curves of the building itself. There are many organic shapes and structures inspired by his paintings.

Popis projektu

The Gallery of the Slav Epic is located nearby center of Prague on the place called Letenská pláň. This place offer incredible views and have many qualities. Considering all the possibilities I decided to create a Gallery with restaurant. The Gallery itself is composed from two masses dividing Slav Epic into two independent circuits (like it was originally planned by Mucha), the entrance of gallery the symbolic end of the axis going from the city centre and offer lot of daylight, on the other hand the exposition is a bit more concentrated to the artwork and offer views on the ends of each one. In the groundfloor there is restaurant with café which is situated to offer great views as well. The part of my work was also designing the landscape around where I tried to continue in the concept of the building itself.

Technické informace

The constructions used in building are mainly concrete columns and steel truss due to the size of the displayed paintings.

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