Emil Alexiev
New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria

Project idea

Within the framework of the mentioned development in the central part of Sofia, on the territory of the former forklift factory in the Krasno Selo region, a residential building for permanent living has been designed in the conceptual design phase.
Situational and spatial solution - Terraced construction on three facades.

Project description

The aim of the author is to convey a large personal space and privacy in the big city (central city area), to provide good sunshine, depending on the season, as well as to provide enough space for rest and relaxation.

Technical information

Presentation of homes of different sizes and planning solutions:
Dwellings type A - for three / four / occupants / living room,2- 3 bedrooms; up to 150 m²;
Dwellings type B - 2- 3 bedrooms; up to 200 m2;
Each apartment has a storage area of 4-6 m2 included in the building.
There are 1 parking space / garage / for each home.
The provided parameters for height, intensity of construction and distances between the buildings are observed.
Level -1 - 805 sq.m.
Level 1 - 733 sq.m.
Level 2 - 432 sq.m.
Level 3 - 398 sq.m.
Level 4 - 364 sq.m.
Level 5 - 332 sq.m.
Total : 3064 sq.m.

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