Ruba Muftah El .Fergani
Benghazi University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Benghazi

Idea projektu

1 Flow of fish movement (organic mass)
2 From the functional point of view the central movement and the link between the two blocs employ the project function and the separation between the center and the exhibition
3 From the organic side, the connection between the inside and outside
As if when entering the mass run and you are on the sea floor

Popis projektu

Marine Biology Center and Exhibition The main idea of ​​the project consists of two parts, the first is the exhibition: displaying most types of marine life in its sizes and different types, and the second: the center is devoted to studies and sciences, and external events that increase the strength and idea of ​​the project, in addition to the cultural part with the exhibition to learn about the world of the seas and its beauty,My idea is that the mass be one role so that the visitor can see the beauty of the cladding and live the idea of ​​the project with a more subject and feel as if it is at the bottom of the sea where when entering the mass that consists of two parts and the link between the two blocks which is the center does not feel like an ordinary hallway but rather as it is in the sea and when entering The exhibition we go down in the Ramb about 10 degrees and the curved movement begins in displaying all kinds of fish and sizes and the movement is as if it were random but it is an unrestricted organization for the visitor where he can see all the show without being restricted in a curved movement that grows smaller and smaller E project

Technické informace

The structural system of the block as it has a large and large area. Crustaceans with wide seas were used to help us in the curved shape of the building and help in covering the building as required.


Teacher :
Dr.Muhannad Zuhdi.
Honaida Boukrain.
Sharif Al-Naji.
Dr.Ali Traboulsi.

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